FOUNDATIONS Essentials (formerly named FOUNDATIONS Leader Orientation) is available NOW in both English and Spanish.

FOUNDATIONS Essentials is an introductory course for new PTA Leaders. All board members are required to complete it only once in their PTA service, and there is a $10 fee to access the course material.

Essentials is only offered online through Texas PTA and can be accessed here

  • PTA Leaders have 14 days from the date of registration to complete the course. Allowing the 14-day window to lapse will result in additional registration fees.
  • There are 8 questions at the end of the course which must be answered correctly to receive a certificate for the training.
  • Once complete, PTA Leaders may access a completion certificate to be provided to their PTA secretary. A copy of the completion certificate will also serve as your receipt for reimbursement. It displays the attendee name and date of completion. The registration and reimbursement amount is a flat $10.

For additional questions or for reimbursement, please contact Rene Schimmelman.  

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